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 How To Apply

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PostSubject: How To Apply   How To Apply Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 12:33 am

Hello Future Applicants

In order become a clan member you must first tell us little more about yourself, and follow certain rules.

Also if you do not already have steam , Download it.. So we can contact you easily..

- Be ACTIVE On Site and Servers

- Do not cheat/hack/script in any server.

- Respect other clan members and other players in the Servers and on the forums.

- Be able to take orders from Squad/Clan Leaders without questioning.

- Be free to take part in Clan Wars.

Please fill out this form as a make new topic and one of the Squad Leaders, Website Admins, or Server Admins will reply to your post with ACCEPTED or DECLINED.

Steam/MSN/XFIRE/Skype (if you have):


CS Nickname:

How long you have played CS for:

What you think your skill level is (Average, Low, Medium, High):

Why are you interested in joining this clan:

What are your strengths (e.g. camping,rushing, awp, ak ...) :

After each application, we will test you on a server of convenience.
We will contact you to confirm a date where a recruiter will be able to test your skills.

You will then be put into the Low/Medium/Advanced category of the clan depending on your level.

If a Recruiter does not tell you the level you are in. Ask him or else you will not be put into a squad.
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How To Apply
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