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 silver shooters Admin request

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PostSubject: silver shooters Admin request   silver shooters Admin request Icon_minitimeFri Oct 15, 2010 4:18 pm

1.) State your name. Silver shooter

2.) State if you want to be a Forum Admin or Server Admin. Both

If you choose Server Admin, Which server do you want to be admin in? All.

3.) Have you had any experience as Admin in either fields stated in . Yes

4.) Why do you wish to become an Admin. so i can be a admin for SKC clan and help them Smile

5.) How will you help? Ill work like a admin must do , ill do all what the head admins orders for being an admin Smile

6.) How often will you be online (Approximate) 15-45 hours per a week

7.) Do you know all Forum/Server Rules? Yes. ofc

8.) For Server Admin: "Do you know any console commands (Amx_Heal etc...)? Yes ofc Smile

9.) State another Contact Information (Skype/Steam/Xfire/Msn/EMail).Email :- Cena-chaingang@hotmail.com ,,, Xfire :- isfanking
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silver shooters Admin request
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