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 Clan Server Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Server Rules   Clan Server Rules Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 1:18 am

- Do not hack/cheat/script. (wallhack, bunnyhop script, esp, aimbot, anti flash, anti recoil etc.)
- Do not Recruit inside the servers (forum is allowed)
- Do not Ghost (Tell your teammate on skype where enemies are)
- Do not intimidate or disrespect admins
- Do not disrespect or flame (swear at) other players
- Do not MultiNick (play with different nicks)
- Do not ban-evade (just make unban requests, ambrosia is understanding, route/ ip range-bans for ban evaders)
- No Racism

English is the only language to be spoken in these servers. Not just because the server is UK based but because English is the universal language of the internet. And understood by all admins.

"Tactical Camping" is allowed if you are a CT on a defuse (de_) map. However once the bomb has been planted you must make an attempt to defuse. T team are also allowed to camp, but only tactical camping. (E.g.On de_dust2, the T team is rushing down to middle doors and CT is rushing through A-Long doors, T must camp tactically or else they will allow the CT to come behind them and eliminate them). Admins will use their knowledge and good decision making to decide whether or not the person is camping excessively or not. BASECAMPING by T team is NOT allowed.

As T team are not allowed to camp on de_ maps, CT team is not allowed to RUSH. Rushing is when someone runs towards the other teams base or in their general direction. The CT objective for de_ maps is to CAMP and SECURE THE BOMB SITES. T is to RUSH and PLANT THE BOMB. Rushing or as we at Ambrosia call it "noobrushing" is not tolerated in our servers as it allows someone to max out their frags on easy and vulnerable targets.

Admins have been assigned to keep the servers free of cheaters and sort out any problems that may occur.

If a problem occurs within the server please sort out the issue in the forums NOT continue the incident inside the servers as this may disrupt gameplay for other players.

Above all the number one rule is have fun. Good luck.
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Clan Server Rules
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