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 Money thing

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PostSubject: Money thing   Money thing Icon_minitimeThu May 27, 2010 3:34 am

Ok, im thinking to host website for this server when it will be ready, and the thing is that i need money to pay for domain name. Its not expensive and i have an idea where we could get money for our servers needs, for now e.g. to get domain name.

Thing is that u need to register at these sites


As referral u will see Arnis, dont delete it.
You have to click all given ads every day, as so u will get money for every add u have clicked. When u will register u will be my referral and so i will get money too and later ill spend it for server needs. So please all register there, that would help a lot for us.
Ill post later every week how much ive got from your clicks, so u will see that im not cheating or anything.
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Money thing
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