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 Rules Of JB

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PostSubject: Rules Of JB   Rules Of JB Icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 3:25 pm

This Are Long Rules,But It Will Save u Of A Ban

1)All the rules must be obeyed or you will be slayed/kicked/banned.
2)There should never be more officers than prisoners.The officer to prisoner ratio should be 1:3 or 1:2.
3)Do not free kill prisoners.
4)Cells must be opened by 8:00 or that day becomes an unrestricted free day.
5)Officers must state orders before they open cells. Any orders given AFTER the cells are opened are null and void.
6)If cells are opened before orders are given it'll automatically become an unrestricted free day.
7)Officers are required to have microphones.
8)If you don't have a mic, the mic is of bad quality, or too low to hear then you cannot be an officer.
9)The armory/gun room is a restricted area. Officers are not allowed to camp this room and prisoners are not allowed in unless they are rebelling.
10)Officers must warn prisoners before killing them unless the prisoner aims a weapon at them or rebels.
11)Officers can kill a prisoner without warning if the prisoner attacks them or attempts to escape.
12)Officers cannot kill prisoners in their cells unless the prisoner is Away From the Keyboard (AFK), attempting to escape, rebelling, or hiding.
13)Officers are not allowed to give prisoners weapons unless they are doing a game where a weapon is required.
14)Officers are allowed to kill prisoners trying to escape or if the prisoner is in restricted areas like the armory/gun room.
15)Officers are allowed to kill prisoners in which they witnessed killing another officer.
16)Officers are not allowed to taunt a prisoner. If a prisoner kills an officer who was taunting them, the other officers are not allowed to do anything about it.
17)Officers need to remember that the terrorist's mic is muted. They can only answer questions by text messages.
18)Officers are only allowed the following games: Simon Says, music chairs, last reaction, math, survivor, spelling, trivia, race, stack race, spray contest, unrestricted free day or restricted free day where the prisoners are only allowed in certain areas.
19)Officers cannot restrict rooms next to each other.
20)On restricted free days officers are limited to restricting one room maximum. This does not include default restrictions
21)If an officer enters the cage or pool, a prisoner can kill him/her without consequences.
22)You are not allowed to ghost (give out a players position while dead).
23)The last prisoner remaining earns a last request. The last request system can be activated with /lr.
24)Officers are not allowed to constantly repeat events. Do a variety of events or risk being transferred to prisoners.
25)Officers are not allowed to restrict rooms or hallways next to the gun room.
26)Admin are not allowed to give themselves free days without reason.
27)Only one officer is allowed to give instructions at any given time.
28)Simon says are required to have count downs to 0 (zero).
29)Officers must give prisoners a reasonable amount of time to reach destinations during non-free days.
30)Officers can not to camp in armory or vents.
31)Gun room and vents are always restricted even if not called.
32)Do not under any circumstance use a word similar to one that will get a terrorist killed, for example saying read light rather then red light. Only drastic differences can be used for example saying blue light. This rule applies for any game, not only red light green light.
33)If you are playing simon says and the simon tells you go on my right or left table and stay there. You are allowed to jump on the table but if u physcially get off the table meaning if you go touch the ground the officers will kill you.
35) If simon tells you not to do a command until he says go then just saying "go" is a valid command allowing you to to start the command he had given. If simon clearly specified not to start until "simon says go" then you can not start the command until he says "simon says go"
There are 3 types of freedays; restricted, unrestricted, and individual.
1)Unrestricted freedays This usually occurs when, cells are not opened by 8:00, no rules are given before the cells are opened,
an officer calls unrestricted freeday as rules, cells were glitched open at end of previous round, a prisoner opens the cells before an officer does at the beginning of the round, or at the end of a restricted freeday; when the clock reaches 0:00. During unrestricted freedays, all areas except the armory (gunroom) are unrestricted. Officers can not issue orders to prisoners with exception of drop the weapon.
2)Restricted freedays Can only restrict one
area and optionally the attached hallway(s),
or of a particular action (to perform an action
or not perform an action). Restricted freedays end and become unrestricted freedays when the timer reaches 0:00. Officers are not allowed to shoot through closed doors or walls. Officers can not issue orders to prisoners with exception of drop the weapon.
3)Individual freedays Are usually given to prisoners that have been freekilled. The freekilled prisoner has an unrestricted freeday. All areas except the armory and vents are unrestricted to the specified prisoner. Officers can not issue orders to the specified Prisoner with exception of drop the weapon. Prisoners given individual freedays are not to be given items, such as bombs, to signify they are on their individual freeday. If freekilled, the prisoner will receive another individual freeday the following round. If there are two prisoners left at the end of the round, and one has an individual freeday; the officers may declare the prisoner with the freeday to no longer have a freeday and must do some kind of contest so that there will be one prisoner remaining for a last request.

Rules on how to play

1)Simon Says Can be played with any number of prisoners. Can only be played after a majority of prisoners have reached the center cage/pool. Simon must declare himself/herself Simon. Only Simon is allowed to talk/give orders. If an officer who isnt Simon gives orders or talks over Simon while an order is being given, prisoners can not be killed for listening or not listening to the order. Once Simon gives a new order, the previous order is void. If Simon did not say Simon Says before giving an order, all prisoners who followed the order can be killed. Trickery is allowed, however if an officer uses any combination of S_M_N that sounds like Simon; the officer can not kill. Simon can say either of the following to end the game: Simon Says Simon Says is over or Simon Says is over. If Simon is killed, Simon Says is automatically over until another officer declares himself/herself as Simon.

2)Last Reaction Can be played with any number of Prisoners. An Officer will call an order. The last prisoner to follow the command is killed. If another Officer talks over the Officer giving the order, the order is voided and the Prisoners can not be killed.

3)Math Can only be played with 3+ Prisoners. Officer types a simple non-algebraic mathematical problem in chat. First Prisoner to answer the problem correctly in chat can choose one player to die. If the winning Prisoner chooses an Officer, and the Officer did not specify before starting the game that only Prisoners can be chosen, the chosen Officer can be killed without consequence.
4)Spelling Can only be played with 3+ Prisoners. Officer using their microphone, says Spell . Word used must be a common used word. First Prisoner to spell the word correctly in chat can choose one player to die. If the winning Prisoner chooses an Officer, and the Officer did not specify before starting the game that only Prisoners can be chosen, the chosen Officer can be killed without consequence.

5)Trivia Can only be played with 3+ Prisoners. Officer using a microphone or by chat give a common knowledge question. First Prisoner to answer correctly in chat can choose one player to die. If the winning Prisoner chooses an Officer, and the Officer did not specify before starting the game that only Prisoners can be chosen, the chosen Officer can be killed without consequence.

6)Survivor Can only be played with 3 Prisoners. The 3 Prisoners must vote a player to be killed. Each Prisoner can only vote once. The player with the most votes is killed. If the Prisoners vote for an Officer, and the Officer did not specify before starting the game that only Prisoners can be chosen, the Officer, if having the majority vote, can be killed without consequence.

7)Race Can be played with any number of Prisoners. Officers must designate starting position, halfway (if any), and ending position. Officers must also designate how the Prisoners are to run the race. Last Prisoner to finish dies.

8)Stack Race Should be played with at least 2 teams of Prisoners with 2 Prisoners per team. The Prisoners must stack standing on top of their teammates head. The Officers must designate within reason the start and finish positions for the Prisoners to race. Once the race has begun, if a Prisoner falls off his/her teammates head, the entire team dies. The last team to get to the finish will be killed. Game ends if only 1 team is remaining.

9)Spray Contest Can only be played with 2 Prisoners. No custom sprays. The 2 Prisoners must spray their spray against the designated wall with the given rules (low/high). If the contest is a tie, Officers can redo the contest or play a different game. Officers must designate how to spray before the contest begins. If the Officers fail to designate how to spray, Prisoners may use any means to get their spray higher, including ladders, boosting, platforms, etc.

10)Four Corners Game should be played with 5+ Prisoners preferably at the beginning of the round. An Officer must designate corners with a number out loud and show by standing next the corner or shooting it, the Prisoners have to get in the middle of the cage while one Officer goes to another room or behind Control Room (CR) so they can't see the center cage. When the one Officer is in another room or behind CR he/she will give the command "Go" or "Run Around Inside Center Cage" and the Prisoners will run around the inside of the cage. The Officer will give the command "Stop, Get to A Corner"(after a short amount of time). At that point all Prisoners should stop and move to a corner. Corners maybe stacked with multiple Prisoners or empty. Once all Prisoners have reached a corner the Officer who can't see the cage must say a number between 1 and 4. If the corner chosen is empty the game restarts, otherwise all Prisoners in specified corner are killed. If Prisoners try to escape or leave there corner when the Officer calls a corner, they can be killed. After Prisoners are killed game can be ended or restarted. If game is restarted, game restarts at the point where the Officer gives the command "Go". Game ends at the Officer's discretion or if less than 5 Prisoners are left.

11)Red Light, Green Light Can be played with any number of Prisoners. Red = Stop, Yellow = Walk, Green = Run. Officers must designate the starting and ending positions, the consequences of moving on red, running on yellow, and any other rules such as allowing bunny hopping or blocking. Officers must give the Prisoners a chance to react to the command (Officer gives command, Internet Delay, Prisoners Hear Command, Prisoners React, Internet Delay, Officer sees Reaction). There are two possible consequences that can be given for moving on Red or running on Yellow: Prisoners can be killed or Prisoners must move back a short distance from where they were caught. The last Prisoner to reach the ending position will be killed. Officers can use trickery; however Officers can not kill because they didnt say or said something other than Light. Officers do not have to say Light after the color. Officers only need to say Red, Yellow, or Green for the Prisoners to respond to the command.

12)True or False Can only be played with 3+ Prisoners. Officer must designate an area/table/box for both True and False. Officer using a mic or by chat give a common knowledge true or false statement. All Prisoners that believe the statement is True must go to the corresponding True area/box/table. All Prisoners that believe the statement is False must go to the corresponding False area/box/table. Once all the Prisoners have chosen there Answer, an Officer will declare that the areas/boxes/tables are locked, if they leave or try to switch they can be killed. The Officer who gave the Statement will declare the correct answer. If the answer is False all Prisoners that said True are killed. If the answer is True all Prisoners that said False are killed.

14)Musical Tables/Boxes/Chairs Can be played with any number of Prisoners. Officers will play music using HLSS. Prisoners must run in a circle around the designated area, while the music is being played. The Officer will stop playing music after a short period of time. Once the music has stopped the Prisoners must get on the Tables/Boxes/Chairs as quickly as possible. Last Prisoner to get on the Tables/Boxes/Chairs will be killed.
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Rules Of JB
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